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1 Peter - Explorer (Ages 4-7)

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    Stand Firm!

    Life’s tough, isn’t it? We shouldn’t be surprised when trials come, they’re universal! As you explore Peter’s first letter, he will prepare you to face your days with confidence in the power that God supplies from a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. Come to know your God as the One who refines, confirms, strengthens, and establishes you to Stand Firm in His grace. Be refined like gold!

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    Designed for the whole family, with an age-appropriate edition for each member, making it part of a synchronized Bible study series. Everyone can do their own personal, deep study of the same book of the Bible. There is no better way to strengthen your whole family’s relationships with the Lord, individually.

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    1. Quality study, but may be over their head slightly

      After perusing numerous bible studies that I'd like to do either on my own or with my children, I'm continually disappointed in the "fluff." My kids have been raised in church and we talk extensively about God's Word in our home, so the basic, watered-down Bible studies are not enough for them. However, they aren't ready for more mature studies either. This series of studies has been amazing for our family! We've got two adults (Disciples), a 10yo (Investigator), 8yo (Inspector), and a 7yo and 5yo (Explorers). I've been very impressed with the depth and quality of the studies, as well as the thought required in each day's lesson. It's not just a "fill in the blank" worksheet, but one that requires them to really dig into the Word, read carefully, and think through their answers.

      As for the Explorer level, I'm still torn on my opinion of it. On the one hand, I like that it includes the little ones in the same study as the rest of the family. However, the verses that are to be read each day sometimes are over their heads completely. By the time I get through explaining them, I've sometimes lost my audience. It would be nice if there was a little more parent help in the Explorer guides, as they're definitely not something to give them to do independently, and I do wish for some more direction sometimes as to what I could be focusing on in some of the passages. Regardless, my girls are enjoying having their "own" books and the activities in them. Praying that as we continue the study, they will be drawn into the Word more and strengthened in their young faith.
      on May 24th 2017

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